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Where to Find Home Security Systems in Columbus, Ohio

The 15th largest city in the United States, Columbus is both Ohio’s capital and its biggest city. Although it’s a wonderful place to call home, living in a large city like Columbus—with over 800,000 residents and counting—comes with inherent heightened security risks. For additional protection and peace of mind, rely on ADT to provide you with the absolute best home security systems available.

Here are some of the home security services ADT offers customers in Columbus and its surrounding areas:
  • Advanced theft monitoring
  • Appliance, lighting, and thermostat automation
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Cutting-edge video surveillance
  • Remote door lock/unlock control
  • Remote garage door control
  • Smoke and fire monitoring
  • Water detection and temperature monitoring

Why ADT?

It’s easier than ever for homeowners to purchase what some companies loosely refer to as a “home security system” these days. In fact, walk into nearly any major home improvement or electronics store and you can walk out with a product under your arm that claims to protect your house inside and out. However, all home security systems are definitely not created equal. When it comes to safeguarding the people and belongings you cherish the most in life, the last thing you want to do is compromise.

Why choose ADT? For starters, we’ve been in the business of protecting families and their homes for over 140 years. We know exactly what it takes to keep your property safe, whether you are home or not. In addition to providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art home security systems that connect directly to our network of customer monitoring centers, we also bring our expertise directly to your doorstep. Upon your request, we will send a security expert to your home to fully analyze your property’s security risks. From there, we will develop a security plan that will meet your needs without breaking the bank. Our custom-tailored approach to service simply has no competition.

Why Remote Home Control and Automation Makes Your Life Easier

Whether enjoying a stroll at Franklin Park Conservatory, appreciating the wildlife at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, cheering your favorite team on at the Nationwide Arena, or visiting one of the many rich historical attractions the city has to offer, it’s never been easier to keep track of your home’s security while you are out and about in Columbus. In fact, if you have an Internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you already have all you need to maintain complete control of your home—anywhere, and anytime.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of ADT remote home automation:

Accessibility. With ADT’s remote home automation, you not only have ultimate control over your home, but you can avoid many of the day-to-day hiccups that can get frustrating. With remote home control, no longer will you have to worry about locking yourself out, leaving an appliance turned on, or other inconveniences.

Lower utility bills. Have a household full of forgetful family members who love to leave the lights on, the heat blazing, or the air conditioning on at full blast? Now you can adjust all of these remotely.

Control anywhere, anytime.No matter where you are, you can stop unwanted visitors from accessing your home, arm or disarm your home, or control your appliances with the touch of a button. Again, all you need is an Internet connection and access to a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

ADT: Protecting America for Over 140 Years

Ready to learn more? Protect your family and your home from home invasion, fire, burglary, and other potential threats by contacting a Columbus-based ADT home security system expert today. Please call (800) 741-7573 to get started today.
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